Fast key now have new features, u can print out receipt on handheld BLUETOOTH printer or send out SMS reply ..
Steps to download the Android fastkey module with Print & SMS feature
1. Click here to download Android fastkey module with SMS and Print feature
On the browser pls keyin    to download android fastkey with SMS and Print feature

After installation on android phone, pls follow the instruction .

2. after fastkey download account, u are ready to input data, start with "Account" and "Page No." first

3. to save data u just keyin simply click "SAVE", and pls try all the buttons as there are many built in function to speed up input speed on the keypad prompt on IOS screen..

4. upload page would upload just selected data, pls note data could be EDITED after SAVE, and pages could be SELECTED and DESELECTED for upload

5. message would be prompted to confirm whether upload are successful or not.. if successfully uploaded, ticket amount would be shown

6. Pages would be moved from "Saved" to "Uploaded" list, click "manage" there are various function for user to clean up records or move pages from "Uploaded" back to "Saved" in order to upload again.

7. "Search" page would download remote website data to double-confirm .